Lost and Found Property

Central Office of Lost and Found Property

Sokolniki Underground Station, Matrosskaya Tishina Ulitsa, 15/17, stroyenie 2

Phone: 8 (915) 293-06-25, 8 (495) 950-40-64

Working hours: from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (Mon. through Thru.), from 8.00 a.m. to 3.45 p.m. (Fri.)

Collecting Lost Property

1. If you lost some property in a bus, trolley-bus or tram, you need to call the traffic controller of the route in question and clarify whether your item was collected.

2. If your property is already sent from the Traffic Control Office to the Lost Property Storage or if you have no certain information, you should call the Lost Property Storage. Normally, lost items are accepted at the Lost Property Storage on the second day after the loss day.

3. To recollect your property, you need to fill-in the application in the stated form, in which to specify the loss date, approximate time and route number, briefly describe the lost item and transfer such application to an officer of Central Office of Lost and Found Property.

4. To recollect your property, you need to submit an identity document.

In accordance with Mosgortrans Order dated 10 December 2008 No. 291 “On Storage Prices to be Charged by Lost Property Office of Mosgortrans Traffic Department,” the storage of lost property costs RUB 12.46 for each stored piece per day.

Lost Purses

Money are checked-in at the cash desk of Mosgortrans Traffic Department; purses to be stored for 6 months.

To recollect the lost money, you need to apply to the Central Office of Lost and Found Property and specify where and when you lost your purse (date, approximate time and route number) and describe the purse. Upon submission of an identity document, you are entitled to recollect the purse at the storage and receive the money at the cash desk.

Lost Documents

Passports and other documents are entered into the register and together transferred to the Found Document Office of the Central Police Directorate. If the owner’s contacts could be determined, our officer tries to contact the passport/document owner within three days after the transfer and informs of the loss and the place to collect the property.

Taking-in Lost Property

1. Drivers transfer lost items to the Traffic Control Office.

2. A traffic controller of the Traffic Control Office executes the Lost Property Statement.

3. The item is delivered by a courier to the storage room.

4. The item is kept at the storage room for 6 months.

Storing Lost Property

1. Items are stored in fire-proof racks; a separate shelf for each.

2. Each item is assigned its registration number, tag, and record card.


For winters, lost bags, backpacks, gloves, school bags with complete set of books, and school-shoes bags are characteristic.

In summers, we receive a lot of women’s small bags and umbrellas.